Dryad #1

Dryad #1


I’ve been spending a lot of creative energy this summer in the bright, pop spheres. I love that. A good deal of how I identify with my art is by creating the kinds of things I like to see in the world. And, at the end of the day, I like to see people smile.

There have been these painting doodles that have popped up in my sketchbook over the past few months that stuck with me. These dreamy, gloomy, broken creatures that seemed to both encapsulate a glimpse of the future and a window to the past. I see them as dryads, who are mythological tree spirits, though dryads are typically seen as frolicking women out in a field somewhere enjoying their immortal youth. These dryads are stationary, gazing at the world in front of them and marred by both the passage of time and the wants of man.

Sort of The Giving Tree meets Stephen Gammell.

However, I encourage you to see these magical creatures in whatever interpretation you choose as they continue to be birthed on paper.

Below are some close up pictures of different sections. Keep up with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more process videos and previews of new work.

Prints are available at my RedBubble shop.

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