Farmer Witch – Green Witch / Fairy Godmother

I have always loved when artists use their abilities to transport you to another world with one image. When a single character design plants a storyline in your head. That’s what I feel when I dreamed up this farming witch/fairy godmother character. She’s part Glinda the Good Witch, part Terry Pratchett rural witch, part whimsy, part magic, and I feel like she tells a story without need for words. 

She began as a concept sketch in my Moleskine watercolor journal. 

The original sketch took me about 30 minutes from pencil to watercolor. Lots of problems with proportion and weight, but I instantly loved the idea. 

I spent a long time making sure the hat was right. I knew this witch would need a very fancy straw hat, and I wanted to take the time to get it right. 

The rest of the form I wanted to feel like a traditional fairy godmother switched out her wand for a bushy broomstick, donned a denim jacket over her ball gown, and made her way out to the field. 

While she is painted with watercolor, I used Micron pens to outline and detail. Also, I ended up going with a white acrylic paint for the clouds, as the white watercolor just didn’t give me the stark contrast I was going for. 

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