Foxes in Love

My local art guild is having their first show of 2016 beginning next month. I’ve been working on my first of two contributing paintings for several weeks now. And, by “working” I mean that I worked furiously several weeks ago and have been too intimidated to touch it ever since. 

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating art! 

In a recent burst of needing to make something, and whilst in the mood for something adorable, who should appear inside my pencil but my good friend Fox. And he brought a love bug with him. 

The original has already sold to a lovely woman who already owns another of my original paintings (Gaia), making her the first person other than my parents to possess more than one of my paintings! Does this mean I have my first collector?

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I started with some quick sketching. I’ll admit, I redrew the licking fox on the left about 5 times. I couldn’t decide on a pose.
Once I got the sketch in, adding the watercolor was quick. I wanted this to have a charming quality, so realism wasn’t an issue. I used a combination of watercolor, pen, and white gel ink.

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