From my Sketchbook: Watercolor Dryad Study

img_2606.jpegIn the last year I’ve fallen back in love with watercolors. I started by buying one of those Crayola watercolor kits you can get just about anywhere for $2 or so. I actually bought it at the grocery store while picking up provisions.

Because when you’re an aspiring art person, those are provisions: milk, bread, eggs, a new tube of acrylic, a replacement fan brush because you forgot to clean yours and it got all clumpy and dry, juice.

I’ve been enjoying the experience of painting to play. Painting to try out new things without the fear I’d mess up and waste a canvas or have to throw away a watercolor paper. My Moleskine watercolor journal has become the way I spend my evenings before bed. Playing with whatever little idea pops in.

Tonight’s idea was to take a single color and paint without first sketching. Turns out, a lovely dryad was waiting to be born. I like the concept so much I cannot wait to paint a larger version and work out some of the details. I like it, too, because it showcases how versatile watercolor can be. Going from fine, darker line work to light shading in one tone makes working with the medium a really fun experience. It also means that no two watercolor pieces will come out the same.

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