Girl with the Crescent Earring

I find inspiration in many places. Instagram is filled with all sorts of creative people creating interesting, obscure, brilliant work. I follow jewelry makers, painters, digital artists, gemstone collectors, poets, actors, and a host of others that challenge me to innovate and explore.

A few weeks ago I saw this pair of earrings made by The Sacred Dimension. They were so stunning and modern and, at the same time, felt archaic – the kind of thing a bygone priestess of Avalon might have worn.

So, I wanted to explore who this modern priestess might be. Who the powerful woman behind these statement pieces is. Here’s a look at my process.

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It started with a sketch, though her proportions are a little off.
This modern amazon needed striking features, so the darker skin and hair tones went down first.
I was able to fix a lot of the proportion issues with paint. She’s not perfect, but I love the way this modern priestess came out.

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