Enlight 42

The tragedy of the Orlando shooting is becoming more real as details continue to come to light. As news crews and talking heads post headlines about investigating the shooter’s family, his mosque, and somehow hetero-wash the actual LGBT community out of our own tragedy. The same politicians that recently attended events where pastors called for the death of all LGBTQ persons, the same politicians working to take away our rights…these same people now try and politicize our tragedy with a brief “thoughts and prayers” tweet and a call to strengthen support for gun owners and lobbyists.

I am so sickened by this. And, I hate feeling helpless. I am not many things, but I am a creative. The image of the Phoenix has been with me since childhood. My favorite superhero is Jean Grey, Phoenix, from the Marvel universe. Her story is one of redemption, strength, sacrifice, and unconditional love.

Additionally, the Phoenix of myth is a creature who continues to burn and become reborn, rising from its own ashes as both a wholly new creature, and the same.

So I felt it appropriate to paint a Phoenix in solidarity with those affected in Orlando, and the LGBT community as a whole.

The struggle is not over. Our rights are still unequal. Our safety is still a concern. But from these bloody ashes we will rise as both something wholly new, and the same.

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