Queen’s Crown

I have been commissioned to paint some interesting things. Witches bathing in teacups. A bench. Once a woman wanted a watercolor jackalope. (I actually am pretty impressed with my jackalope painting skills, thank you very much.)

My latest commission was for a friend of my mother. They call their group of friends ‘The Queens’, and she wanted to get them each a gift with a unique crown design. Now, I didn’t grow up dreaming of being a pretty, pretty princess, so I hadn’t drawn many crowns before.

But, instead of trying to find some crowns and use them as models, I decided to dream up what a crown might look like if it were worn by my mother and her friends. They’re in Texas, so the Lone Star had to be front and center, and they’re women of faith, so I included a few crosses. It was also requested to have a graphic look, so I stuck to black and gray watercolor with a little white ink for highlight.

I quite like the way it turned out, and the client was pleased. Can’t wait to see The Queens post pictures of their goodies.

Incidentally, if you’d like to own a product with this design on it, I have it available on my RedBubble shop.

Some fun options to consider:

img_2734.jpeg img_2732.jpeg img_2735.jpeg img_2730.jpeg img_2733.jpeg img_2731.jpeg

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