Poem: While I wait to be a god again

fullsizerender.jpgI think it’s just as fun to see the process a piece of writing goes through as it starts from a draft and transmutes into a final version as it is to see a sketch turn into a full-blown painting. The following poem is a meditation on the theme of god in the every man.

While I wait to be a god again

I pass some days as the thunder
in the distance
while you take comfort that nature
is happening elsewhere
you could see it from your window
if you squint
hear it if you crack a window.

By night I moonlight as the moment
before one too many
as a nod signals the bartender the two more
will ensure you’ll introduce someone new
to your headboard
or if I’m in a mood won’t make it farther
than the nearest trashcan.

Once I was a lie two lovers told themselves
one afternoon
when they really believed this time would be different.

Mostly, though, I sit at a desk
shopping the lightning deals on Amazon
waiting to be believed in.

© Don Martin 2016

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