Because Reasons

Because Reasons, hosted by Don and Kate, is a multi-media redemption podcast that reviews your favorite guilty pleasures in movies, books, and more to decide whether or not they’re worthless trash.

What We Do

We take submissions and requests from our listeners to review their favorite guilty pleasures. We’ll pretty much review anything in consumable media—except an ongoing TV show (so many episodes…and spoilers), with the exception of a mini-series—such as books, movies, YouTube videos, your favorite Taylor Swift album…all are fair game and will be treated with equal respect or disdain as the content requires.

Contact the Show

You can contact and interact with us via any of our online media presences below. Write on our Facebook wall, tweet about the show on Twitter, or send us your most shameful fandom obsession via the official show Email. We look forward to hearing from you!
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What is a podcast?

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