Don Martin, artist and author

I am a writer and artist living in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and veritable zoo of pets. I grew up with a love of the creative arts, spending over a decade in theatre, as well as writing short stories and poetry from a young age. It was in high school that my love of creating visual art—drawing and painting—was birthed.

A self-taught painter, I am inspired by the aesthetic of storybooks and the work of Rene Lalonde, Hayao Miyazaki, and Felix Mas. My biggest artistic inspiration, however, is my grandmother, Linda. Her paintings were my first exposure to the art world, and I’ve been hoping to catch up to her talent ever since.

The concept of “Torch and…” came out of the idea that everyone chooses to take-on the world in their own way, with the tools available to them, or of their own making. The investigative illumination of the “torch” has meaning for me as a symbol of the unrelenting quest for knowledge and understanding. For some, they choose to couple the torch with a pitchfork, confrontational and sharp. For others it might be a pill, healing the wounds of others. For me, I use the pen and paintbrush to inculcate my voice into the world.

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