night in their world (and thoughts on Orlando)

The incomprehensible tragedy in Orlando is still very fresh. People don't know how to feel, or how to express what they are able to feel. Do you express hope for the future? Lament the past? Sit in the moment? Qualifying one of the worst mass tragedies in modern memory is impossible. At least...for me.  I actually started receiving text messages

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Poem: While I wait to be a god again

I think it's just as fun to see the process a piece of writing goes through as it starts from a draft and transmutes into a final version as it is to see a sketch turn into a full-blown painting. The following poem is a meditation on the theme of god in the every man.

Revisiting Poetry 

In April of 2013 I wrote a very short poem that has stayed with me. I found it again in November 2014 and reposted it, and, thanks to Facebook's new insistence that we all relive every moment we ever shared ever...